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Real Estate Broker

Marnie Coote

Marnie Coote is a proven real estate leader in South Florida. As founder of Lovely Living Realty, she has spent the last 15 years converting the complexity of real estate challenges into dynamic experiences for clients.

She has an uncanny ability to address all situations for her clients by looking at their situations from totally different paradigms. Many of her solutions have led to the sale or purchase of properties where other realtors have failed. She sheds light on unrealized and hidden property features for sellers, overlooked opportunities for buyers and a plethora of possibilities unrealized by clients. This skill set has captured the attention of real estate clients worldwide who desire fine real estate in tropical South Florida.

Marnie is a witty industry leader who’s worked for several real estate companies realizing that they all typically only used traditional marketing approaches for helping clients sell properties. She saw this under-served market and took the opportunity to start Lovely Living Realty. Now, she’s able to help clients to the next level with far more effective strategies and options.

She has established very beneficial relationships with key strategic real estate partners for advantageous benefits for her clients. More importantly than anything else, her principles are what make the difference between traditional real estate companies and… Lovely Living Realty.